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iphone x plus price latest products smartphones
iPhone X Plus Price

iPhone X Plus Price

iphone x plus price latest products smartphones
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Apple's next iPhone will likely be announced at a launch event on September 12 in California. According to the latest rumours, the new iPhone launch will see three new iPhone X-style handsets launched at the same time, including a larger iPhone X Plus and a cheaper LCD model. In this article we round up all the news about these new phones' release date, names, prices, design changes, tech specs and new features.
The Apple September launch isn't definitely iPhone-related – the page on the company's site promoting it merely calls it an 'Apple Special Event from the Steve Jobs Theater' and a time and date for the livestream of September 12 at 10am PDT (which is 1pm ET and 6pm in the UK). The only other info is a gold ring – so maybe it's the launch of a new bin-shaped Mac Pro or just showing off the company's new circular head quarters, Apple Park.
But as Apple usually announces a new iPhone around this time in September, it's a safe bet that Apple will show off a new phone (or phones). Anything less would disappoint fans and analysts (ok and journalists who want to write about a new phone) and lead to a drop in Apple's share price.
9to5Mac has revealed that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone XS - despite claims we discuss below that Apple's not keen on the name since it suggests both excess, and extra small. It appears that that site has managed to get details of the name and a photograph of the device. Find out more and see the picture below.
So here's what we know so far. A new video shows dummy models of the new handsets, while icons in iOS 12 appear to confirm an all-screen design for the iPhone X Plus. And multiple sources now predict Apple Pencil support in the new premium handsets - although one key analyst doesn't think that will happen.
For advice related to the current lineup, read our iPhone buying guide and roundup of the best iPhone deals. And we have a separate article addressing iPhone SE 2 rumours.

2018 iPhone name: What will the new iPhone be called?

There are enough potential names for the next iPhone that we could write a whole article just about that!
  • iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus (for the successors to the iPhone 8 models)
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Plus (aka iPhone XI and XI Plus)
  • iPhone Xs and Xs Plus
  • iPhone X Plus
  • Or just plain iPhone and iPhone Plus
As we stated above, 9to5Mac's report suggests that the new iPhone will be the iPhone XS. However, a Bloomberg report a few days earlier hinted that Apple was finding it difficult to choose a new name for the new 2018 iPhones.
The Bloomberg report at the end of August 2018 claims that a source has indicatedthat Apple is struggling a bit with the naming conundrum.

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